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A Little About Us - Onticdesign

A Little About Us

Ontic began as a seed of an idea in our Milan apartment. She loved jewelry. He loved technology. And that was enough to transform an itch into a brand aimed at merging the worlds of digital visual arts with modern jewelry design.

All in a Name

Ontic isn’t just a word that rolls off the tongue nicely. It stems from metaphysics and means, "physical, real, or factual existence." We gravitated towards the name because it highlights our products’ transformation from a purely digital state to the physical, factual world.


Method to the Madness

Approach is just another way of saying, ‘it’s complicated.’ Our first product is a modular women’s bracelet and testament to nights spent searching for that elusive ‘approach.’ In the end, we hope we’ve nailed it: each bracelet is 3D printed and customizable in combinations of nylon, silver and gold-plated brass. Artwork designs are infinite and customer generated using our interactive software, then printed to metal using sublimation techniques and connected to the bracelet magnetically. Voilà.


Calling All Designers

We work closely with programmers, designers, developers and hackers to forge new interactive Design Tools for creating Icons. With each new tool, a new aesthetic and interaction is introduced to the Ontic ecosystem. The promise being that you can use any tool to create stunning artwork for our debut jewelry line and beyond. We tip our hat to this imaginative community of doers, makers, tinkerers and creators. And if you’re interested in collaborating, please contact us at