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FAQ - Onticdesign


You've got questions. We got answers. And if you don't see what your looking for here feel free to drop us a line.



What’s an Eidos bracelet?

Eidos bracelet is a 3D printed bracelet with a magnetic closure that is fully customizable through:
· Size (S, M, L)
· Material (silver, gold-plated brass, dark nylon)
· Graphic icons
· Color

In which sizes is the bracelet available and how do I know what the right size is for my wrist?

To choose the right size we advise you to consult our size chart.

In which materials is the bracelet available?

Eidos bracelet is available in the following materials:

· 925 sterling silver (hypo-allergenic)
· Dark nylon
· Gold-plated brass

The bracelets can also be created by combining different materials together (for example: bracelet face in silver + bracelet band in gold-plated brass). The bracelets take advantage of 3D printing technology and to ensure the best quality, we use different partners: Shapeways, Sculpteo, Imaterialize and Prototek.

How can I customize my Eidos bracelet?

Your Eidos bracelet features customized graphic Icons that can be attached to the bracelet magnetically. The Icons are sublimation printed on metal plates. The customization process is simple and intuitive. The user only has to:

· Connect to
· Choose the bracelet’s materials and size
· Design a graphic icon by interacting with one of several Design Tools
· Pair the Icon and bracelet and place the order

In how many colors is the graphic Icon available?

Each Design Tool is characterized by precise chromatics. However, to make every graphic available in every color there’s a color slider available beneath each Design Tool.

How do I clean my gold-plated brass and silver bracelet?

We recommend using a cleaning cloth or specific product for metal.

Is there only one bracelet available?

For the launch Eidos will be the only bracelet available but we’re working on an entire line of objects (jewelry, bags, belts, etc ) which can be customized with our Design Tools. The same graphics Icons can also be used across all pieces of the Ontic collection.

Can I buy only the graphic Icon? Can I just buy the front and the back of the bracelet separately?

It’s possible to buy just a graphic Icon without the bracelet. But it is not possible to buy the bracelet without an Icon.


What should I be aware of?

Ontic makes jewelry objects that are meant to be handled with the necessary care. For perfect maintenance it is not recommended to continue to play with the magnetic closure. The bracelet is made ​​of small parts easy to swallow, please keep away from small children. If you suspect a child swallowed one or more magnets, seek medical attention immediately. Magnetic fields can affect the operation of a pacemaker or ICD. Avoid close contact between Eidos and a pacemaker.


What kind of magnets does Ontic use?

The embedded magnets we use are the strongest known material for permanent magnets. We use two styles of magnet: a rectangular one and a square one.

In which materials are the magnets made?

The magnets used are neodymium iron boron (NdFeB ). Their coating contains nickel; some people could have allergic reactions if they come in contact with this material. For more information, see the following link

Are the magnets strong enough to stay in place?

We have chosen Neodymium iron boron magnets because they are the strongest. However, we wouldn’t recommend wearing the bracelet all the time. And we don’t recommend wearing your jewelry during any high-intensity physical activities, such as playing sports, running or swimming. Any such activity (or similar action) while wearing your jewelry might “jar” the pieces and momentarily disrupt the magnetic connection, which may cause your jewelry to fall off.

How long do the magnets last?

Under normal circumstances, neodymium and ferrite magnets as well as magnetic tapes and sheets keep their magnetism practically indefinitely. The following influences can lead to loss of magnetism:

· Heat: Most of the neodymium magnets should not be exposed to temperatures above 80 °C
· Other strong magnetic fields (e.g. of electromagnets).

Is the adhesive for magnet strong enough?

We use a special adhesive that fulfils all requirements and products tests. We use two adhesives: one specific for metal and another for plastic. Despite the guaranteed quality of the adhesives used, we recommend not playing with the closure unnecessarily in order to prevent the magnets from coming unglued.

Are there any adverse effects to wearing magnets?

Not unless you wear a pacemaker. Avoid all close contact (6 inches or less) between magnets and pacemakers/ICDs. If you do wear a pacemaker/ICD and have close contact with a magnet, move away immediately and no harm should be done (source: Pacemaker manufacturers).

Will magnets affect electronic devices?

The magnets used for Eidos should not cause problems with your computer, hard drives, cameras, MP3 players, LCD screens and clocks. However, in the course of their use one should take care in order to prevent damage to property or persons. We suggest not placing the Eidos bracelet in direct contact with magnetic components, such as credit cards. To learn more visit the following link


I’m a digital designer and I would love to make a Design Tool for Ontic, how can I make that happen?

We are always looking for talented collaborators and are interested in working together to create new Design Tools. Please contact us via email at and we will get back to you asap.

I’m a customer and I allowed Ontic to publish my Icon design. What does it mean?

By accepting the terms and conditions you allow Ontic to use and publish your Icon in the gallery along with your name. Furthermore, if we like your design we may use it as part of a featured bracelet, available in the section “ready to buy.” Other users will be able to buy the bracelet with the graphics that you have created!